Government Funded Drone Skills Training using the COVID-19
Professional Business Adaptation Advice & Support Program

With the COVID-19 Business Adaptation Advice Program you are eligible for professional services funding of up to 100% (max $2,500) for your workforce to become certified as a professional drone pilot under the Transport Canada TP15263 regulatory standards for legal and compliant drone operations in Canada. more...


  1. Choose your Training Courses at the
  2. Request a Quote for your Funding Application
  3. Attach the quote to your application  (APPLY HERE)
  4. Once processed, we will plan the training schedules to suit your needs


Obtaining advice on transitioning to digital or IT solutions…
Bringing digital drone technology into the workplace with accurate data collection and cloud based data management solutions.

  • Opening up opportunities for businesses to transition into effective data analysis processes.
  • Adapting preventive maintenance measures to increase efficiency.
  • Using drone technology as a management tool to document and streamline projects and for continuous improvement programs.
  • Adding a layer of encrypted security and surveillance options with effective monitoring.
  • delivering ‘real time’ live-stream aerial imagery & measurements to monitor workflow, both safely and remotely.

Obtaining advice on exporting, marketing, and logistics…
Marketing with effective imagery and professionally edited video is key to promoting & exporting products and services. Fundamental drone pilot certification and basic video editing skills can quickly provide cost effective in-house media production to help promote business products and services, with the long term benefits of employees having the certified skills and abilities in place for future opportunities.

  • Marketing support to enhance promotional material and social media posts.
  • Adapt and enhance advertising and promotional activities with drone skills.
  • Improve branding and add impact to social media posts.

Obtaining other professional services which may be of assistance in adapting or recovering from the impacts of COVID-19
With the very strict drone safety regulations now in place, it is now a legal requirement to hold a Transport Canada Drone Pilot certificate when operating drones. The Skygate Atlantic Drone Flight School offers a flexible approach to obtaining compliant drone certification, and specialist advanced skills training, all with a commitment to safety and helping introduce local businesses to the opportunities drone skills training can bring…

  • Learn to operate drones ‘legally’ and ‘safely’, adding credibility to your commitment to public safely and Government compliance.
  • Deliver your services more effectively and with better management control.
  • Offer employee incentives with skilled drone training schemes.
  • Increase site surveillance by adding drone skills to your security workforce.
  • Discover opportunities to apply drone technology to many areas of business.
  • Use drone training courses for team building, communication and confidence training.

Note: Once training is booked, you will have the option to attend the training modules at any time convenient to you later in the year (they will typically run on a bi-weekly or monthly basis). 

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