Drone Surveillance & Detection


Detect drone signals from many km away with easy to use portable or fixed systems. Full drone telemetry, including location and identification signals are decoded to provide real time data analysis.


We have the equipment to ensure the air space around your event remains safe, and inform visitors of the detection services with signage and public information notices. Our safety and emergency procedures will also ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Every active drone event is recorded and the precise flight path and signal location is logged and kept on file as part of the post documentation and data services we provide.

The DroneWatcher RF MKIIp

DroneWatcher RF MKIIp is able to detect over 95% of the commercially-available, consumer and prosumer drones on the market out to 1-2 miles, providing detailed information including drone type, ID and other data.

Applications include a wide range of sites, types, sizes and configurations from single facilities to large-area or linear radar networks for force protection and facility security, including: -

    • Commercial airports, civil aviation airports & military airfields & ranges
    • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations support
    • Government buildings and installations
    • Prisons & institutions
    • Telecommunications facilities & complexes
    • Industrial plants, refineries & power plants
    • Ports, waterways & coastlines
    • Border control areas
    • High security facilities
    • Stadiums, racetracks & other public venues

Want to know who's up there?

Drone Detection

We have helped many event organizers maintain public safety and prevent unauthorized drones being a nuisance and danger to visitors.

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