Pushing the Limits of Creative Drone Videography


Detailed Emergency Procedures

Safety Briefs & Checklists

Emergency Equipment On Hand


6K (CinemaDNG) up to 4Gbps

5.2K (ProRes) up to 2Gbps

4K (H264) 100Mbps

Full Support

Onsite Maintenance

6 Battery Sets with Charging Bay

Backup Drones on Location

We work with many TV and Film production companies Worldwide, delivering professional drone support for News Reels, Documentaries and Movie Production.

From beautiful establishing shots to jib/boom, dolly and truck panning effects, we understand the needs and expectations of film producers and are committed to delivering the highest standards of aerial drone videography.

Practical Drone Skills

Dual Control

Dual Camera Control

Rack Focusing

Close Action Shots

Payload Options

Zenmuse X5S, X7

Lens Options

DSLR, Ronin

Complex Ops

Flights Over Public

Moving Vehicles

Indoor Flights


TC Approved

Certified Drone Pilots

Compliant Drones

Basic Ops

Cost Effective Solutions

P4 Pro's, Mavic 2's etc.

Ideal for Social Media

Drone Inspection Services

Our team of highly experienced RPAS Drone Inspectors can deliver high-quality actionable data, safely and quickly, allowing you to focus resources on where they are needed the most.


Drone Inspections require a complete understanding of structural integrity and inspection techniques, together with the skills and experience required to operate near high energy equipment, obstructions and ferrous materials, all of which can have a serious effect on RPAS telemetry and drone safety.

Slemon Park Hotel & Campus

Manage Workflows

Minimize Downtime

Increase Safety & Mitigate Hazards

Reduce Inspection Costs

Customized Deliverables

State-of-the-Art Payloads


taking the stress out of your plants

Pre-Plant & Emergence

Evaluate seed inputs and equipment performance
Improve in-season management decisions
Produce plant population maps
Monitor weed density and locations
Prepare field zone maps for variable rate planting

In Season Production

Improve irrigation management
Analyze crop health at field edge
Identify disease or pest outbreaks before they become detrimental
Validate prescription treatment effectiveness
Act before issues are visible to the naked eye

Late Season & Harvest

Determine late season nitrogen needs
Reduce over-fertilization
Evaluate harvest readiness
Identify harvest order
Apply inputs with precision
Plan irrigation scheduling

Out Of Season Planning

Create drainage plans
Design sub-surface drainage
Build variable rate prescriptions
Evaluate equipment operation and practices
Analyze historical data to monitor trends
Determine baseline spectral measurements

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Quality Assurance

Total commitment to quality excellence with a dedicated customer focus

20 Years Experience

Highly skilled RPAS Pilots & Crew and with a 100% Safety Record

World Class Service

$5Million Liability Insurance with cost effective and flexible solutions